Improving Lifestyle: Bhubaneswar's Surge in 3BHK Property Demand

Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, is experiencing an unprecedented surge in property demand, fundamentally altering the landscape of its real estate market. Within this evolving market, the spotlight firmly shines on the escalating interest in 3BHK flats and apartments, embodying a blend of luxury and functionality.

Reshaping Bhubaneswar’s Real Estate Dynamics

Bhubaneswar’s real estate market is undergoing a significant metamorphosis that mirrors the city’s rapid economic expansion and rising standard of living for its citizens. The demand for opulent and upscale homes has clearly increased, with a discernible trend towards the attraction of three-bedroom properties. This trend of preference for 3BHK apartments reflects the growing desire of the city’s residents for residences that combine elegance, practicality, and sophistication. This is a striking change that reflects a shared desire for homes that are not only spacious but also represent a higher calibre of contemporary, elegant living in this vibrant city.

Khushi Realcon’s Indispensable Role in Real Estate

Khushi Realcon is a prominent character in the real estate story of Bhubaneswar, spearheading a significant shift in the city’s development outlook. This renowned developer has made a name for himself by masterfully arranging incredible developments in the urban environment, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellence. Their unwavering dedication to creating exceptional living areas—especially the exquisite 3BHK flats and apartments—has not only met but surpassed the region’s soaring demand for opulent homes.

Beyond just building buildings, Khushi Realcon has incorporated elegance, modernity, and functionality into the very design of their architectural wonders. Their unwavering pursuit of perfection and painstaking attention to detail have raised the bar for upscale living in Bhubaneswar and established new benchmarks. Khushi Realcon has become more than just a developer; it is now recognized as a visionary catalyst that is redefining the meaning of luxurious living and reshaping the skyline of the city with a harmonious blend of innovation, design finesse, and a deep understanding of residents’ aspirations.

Khushi Capella and Khushi Altair: Pioneering Luxury Living

The flagship projects of Khushi Realcon, Khushi Capella and Khushi Altair, are the pinnacles of high living standards in Bhubaneswar; they are the pinnacles of comfort, luxury, and modernity.

Luxurious Haven – Khushi Capella

One of the best examples of Bhubaneswar’s luxurious way of life, Khushi Capella is known for its well-designed 3BHK apartments and flats. These apartments, which embrace a fusion of style and comfort, provide the ideal balance of modern conveniences and elegant decor. Catering to the discerning, they epitomize upscale living, ensuring spaciousness and functionality for residents’ diverse needs.

With an array of amenities like a state-of-the-art fitness centre, a serene swimming pool, and vibrant children’s play zones, Khushi Capella curates a lifestyle that resonates with modern aspirations while harmonizing with the tranquillity of a home.

Redefining Elegance with Khushi Altair

Luxurious 3BHK flats and apartments are offered by Khushi Altair, another gem in Khushi Realcon’s crown, in a parallel elegance. Similar to Khushi Capella, Khushi Altair places equal emphasis on practicality and style. These homes’ carefully planned layouts and high-end fixtures perfectly capture modern living. The project fosters a holistic living experience by surrounding residents in a world of comfort with amenities like a beautifully designed clubhouse, a rejuvenating gym, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Redefining Luxury Living

Both Khushi Capella and Khushi Altair, in essence, raise the bar for opulent living in Bhubaneswar. Their 3BHK options satisfy the growing demand for luxurious homes while also reflecting the changing dynamics of the city’s real estate market. Whether one seeks a real estate investment opportunity or desires a luxurious abode, these esteemed projects by Khushi Realcon stand as prime choices, promising a lifestyle steeped in luxury, comfort, and unparalleled refinement.

Our ONGOING Projects: Luxury Residential Flats in Bhubaneswar Available

2BHK and 3 BHK Apartments in Bhubaneswar


Khushi Capella comprises two premium magnificent residential towers that can shelter 242 families in its abode of luxury. The spacious apartments are Vastu compliant and from fittings and furnishing everything is of top-notch quality.

You get the best possible 30+luxurious amenities at Khushi Capella besides the most elegant choices on flats with multiple configurations possible. Count your amenities→ Infinity swimming pool, Kids’ pool, Ultra-modern Gym, elegant Banquet Halls and Community Halls, Creche, Outdoor Sport Facilities for adults and kids, Indoor Game Zones, sophisticated Commercial Space, Seating Pergola, Amphitheatre Zone etc.

It won’t be a hyperbolic expression here to state that it is almost like a luxurious township curated to perfection within the complex!

Khushi Capella is at Pahala that keeps the residents here well-connected to important places and outdoor facilities nearby.


Khushi Altair constitutes 1 residential tower featuring 44 exclusive apartments in the configuration of 3.5 BHK & 4.5 BHK flats. The project stands on the Cuttack-Puri Road at Bomikhal near Bhubaneswar. Undoubtedly, the location is priceless.

The complex houses retail space, and several stunning terrace and sophisticated club amenities. Swimming Pool with Kids’ Pool and Ultra-luxury Gym, Expansive Balcony and elegantly decked up Waiting Lounge need a special mention.


This premium residential tower featuring 4 magnificent floors come with a total of 20 elegantly styled apartments. Get access to top-class amenities, premium fittings and furnishings with ample open space around.

Patrapada in Bhubaneshwar is an advantageous location where every outdoor facility (including Schools, Healthcare facilities, Shopping venues, Entertainment centres, Banks, ATMs) are readily accessible.


Like these, KHUSHI SOMNATH, KHUSHI HARMONY and KHUSHI PRESTIGE shelters several happy families at strategic locations in and around Bhubaneswar.

Our sincerity and efforts in getting them a safe and cosy shelter with urban luxury amenities earned us their confidence. It helped provide the most judiciously engineered residential apartments with different configurationsand world-class amenities.

Wish to Be Khush with Khushi Realcon Residential Apartments in Bhubaneswar?

All these projects discussed so far are already SOLD OUT. It means some lucky families already found their dream abode and are nestling there happily.

But, what about you who also may be looking for a secure and cosy shelter and with even more classy amenities? We have a few of our prestigious projects going on in full throttle that you can take possession of in coming days.

PAST Projects :Our SOLD OUT Premium Residential Flats in Odisha


Khushi Basera has three magnificent residential towers with a configuration of B+S+6. The property houses 108 2BHK & 3BHK luxury apartments in total.You get it all here from hi-tech fire fighting systems to specified ample space for parking and a spacious community hall with other facilities.Located at Naharkanta, 10 minutes away from Bhubaneswar, it is an ideal locality for families to stay. Business Hubs, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, ATMs are all there within 6 km from the locality.


Khushi Kalinga House comprises 1 residential tower nestling 50 posh apartments with the configuration of 2B+5.The property lies near Palasuni Bridge in Bhubaneswar and the residents here feel no issue commuting to major destinations and accessing facilities around.All premium range fittings and furnishings are used to support urban luxury living


Khushi Sanjeevani Phase 1 has a single residential tower with 4 elegant floors, featuring 56 lavishly designed vastu compliant residential flats in Bhubaneswar at Patrapada.The residents here have 24*7 security, hi-tech elevators, spacious community hall, and high-end fittings & furnishings. This is an eco-friendly project where rain water harvesting and waste management are also practised.The location Patrapada is well-connected with other important destinations and centres around the city.

Wrapping up

We, as the trusted real estate builder and developer, focus all our strategies and resources to create a paradise where Luxury, Safety and Convenience all combine together.

Earn a space of your own that portrays your persona uncompromisingly! We would love to assist you find the one with us.

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